How Gwyneth’s Bum Looks SO Good

We need to talk about Gwyneth Paltrow’s bum. It’s seriously amazing and we’re insanely jealous of it… Or, we were, until we heard just how much work it is to have a butt like it – then we kind of shrugged and thought “fair play Gwyneth” you totally deserve a perky pert posterior. Or, in her words, “the ass of a 22-year-old stripper.”

The actress revealed on her lifestyle website Goop that she works on her butt for a whopping twelve hours a week – that’s two hours a day, six days a week. On just the one muscle!

Celeb trainer Tracy Anderson sent Gwyneth a video outlining exactly what she needed to do to make her bum look as amazing as it does – and it involves completing up to 60 repetitions of each exercise on each leg while wearing ankle weights. But while it sounds SO tough – according to Gwynnie you’ll see results fast.

Gwneth's bum looks amazing Gwneth’s bum looks amazing


“It’s really hard,” she says. “But do it like she does and in ten days you will see your butt change shape. I do it with 1lb ankle weights and then I do her Dance Aerobics DVD. Some days I hate it, some days I love, but above all I stick with it. The sticktoitivness is what it is all about.”

However, while that all sounds great – we’re not likely to spend two hours a day on our bum, even if it will get us an ass like hers. However, there are a few things you can do to build a better bum…


Spend all day sitting down? Trainers recommending clenching your buttock muscles as often as you can, whether it’s at your desk or in the car for a mini bum workout wherever.

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Add Weights

Gwyneth adds ankle weights to her workout – and personal trainers recommend holding dumbbells during basic moves like squats or step ups.

Remember 30

Trainers recommend holding your squats and lunges for 30 seconds at the lowest point of the move to really feel the burn.

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