Gwen Stefani: Why I’ll Always Wear Make-Up

She’s very rarely seen without a full face of make-up, and now Gwen Stefani has revealed exactly why she’s always armed with a red lipstick and a tube of foundation.

Talking in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Gwen said: “I like to make my husband like me more, and he likes it when I’m wearing make-up.”

We can’t say we blame her – if we were married to Gavin Rossdale, we’d do everything in our power to make him fancy us more. But we hardly think Gwen needs it.

The 42-year-old looks sensational on the magazine’s cover, shot by famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

But it’s not just once a day Gwen applies her war paint. She told the interviewer: “I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress up… I already put my makeup on twice today: I put it on to take my kid to school, and then I went home, washed my face, and put it on again to have lunch with you.”

And there’s nothing wrong with that. So what about her killer body? She says: “I hate talking about my body [all the time]; it’s ridiculous. There is no secret: you just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself! But it’s more for my brain than it is for my body. I like to wear clothes too much, so I try to keep focused.”

Oh Gwen, we love you! Now, where’s our red lippy? RM