Gwen Stefani Talks Babies, Fashion, And Her Band

Gwen Stefani always has a lot going on, with her clothing line, her two children, and her schedule with No Doubt. Despite how easy she makes it look, though, she says she doesn’t always have things under control.

The band appeared on This Morning today, and Gwen talked about how her pregnancies affected them all:

“I had gotten pregnant [with Kingston], went on tour pregnant, and then had the baby and went on tour. It was crazy. I nursed the first baby for like 14 months on tour while doing shows, and then the month I got home I got pregnant with Zuma and that was the month No Doubt were gonna get together to start to write the record. I was just a bit dictated.”

Gwen also spoke about the pressure of spinning all the plates in her life:

“Well, you don’t plan for it to all happen at one time. Like, 10 years ago, I said, ‘Oh I want to start a clothing line so I can do something creative, for when I have my kids and I can be home and I won’t really be doing music’.

“And then here we are! We’re doing like everything at once and I’m like, ‘Oh no!’ It’s super hard. Every day is a challenge and I don’t know, like, it doesn’t work most days but some days you get up and it’s all good.”

We think she’s doing marvellously! BS