Greg James: Comic Relief Star Greg James Tells LOOK About His Biggest Challenges

Comic Relief has had a helping hand from some huge showbiz names this year – Jessie J’s shaving her locks off, Kate Moss has read an extract from Fifty Shades Of Grey live on Radio 1 and One Direction have released an official single, One Way Or Another. But Radio 1’s sexy DJ Greg James has had a much tougher challenge. 

Tonight (Thursday 14 March) on BBC One at 8pm, you’ll see how Greg and five other celebs coped with spending five brave days rafting down Africa’s Zamezi River for Comic Relief. Here Greg, 26, reveals other moments when he’s been tested…  

The Marathon

“I decided that last year would be the year and I’d finally run the marathon. It was hard core and the amazing feeling you get at the end makes it just about worth it, but only just. I did it in four hours and 38 minutes, so it was very tough. I raised money for the Stroke Association. My grandad suffered with a stroke several years ago and sadly, despite everyone’s best efforts, he just kind of gave up.”

Getting A Job At Radio 1

“Radio 1 gave me a pilot and thrust me onto the air straight after I graduated from University of East Anglia. Getting my head around that, moving to London, trying to find new friends, trying to work out how to do my job, how to deal with people commenting on my performance I wasn’t used to it, so I was completely out of my depth. I was an absolute mess the night before my first show, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t speak to anyone before the show. I was too nervous. But somehow I got through it and here we are today. Six years later I’m in a boat with Mel C.”


“The worst bit of school was the learning. The extra-curricular stuff was great. I used to do loads of drama and sport but maths and the science were the worst bits. But the English was pretty good. I could always do an English exam. But I must have done something right. I was deputy head boy. The head boy was a swot and I was the popular one. I was like Prince Harry. You know, you’ve got the actual prince – Wills – and then you need the people’s prince – Harry.”


“Love is a constant challenge, it’s just so volatile. I’ve always had love problems. I feel like I’ve never really grown up since the age of 13 with love. My first big heartbreak was over a girl at school who was with a boyfriend and I always liked her. It never really happened. Unrequited love, it’s the worst, isn’t it? Breaking up with Ellie [Goulding] was very challenging, but it’s all good now. Everyone’s moved on and I text her every now and again. I have a girlfriend called Jess and we’ve been together for five months, so fingers crossed.”

Looks like we might love Greg James just that little bit more now…

See Comic Relief: Through Hell and High Water on BBC One tonight at 8pm. GC & RM