The Green Juice Diet: 2015’s Hottest Celeb Detox

Green Juice Diets and Detox are loved by all the celebs, from Miranda Kerr to Ellie Goulding, and it’s even been rumoured that Kate Middleton loves them. New book The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse (which is taking supping on a green juice to whole other levels) has benefits that include loads more energy, brilliant skin and weight loss. But how healthy is it really? We looked into it to find out…

Green Juice Diet Green Juice Diet


How Do You Do It?

The hardest level of the diet is the Full Cleanse, where all you can consume is green smoothies, tea, water and light snacks for ten days.  We can hear our tummies rumbling already.  A slightly less strict version (but still tough) is the Modified Cleanse, where you have a smoothies for breakfast and lunch, light snacks and a healthy salad for dinner.

Green Juice Diet: Ellie Goulding Green Juice Diet: Ellie Goulding


Sounds Tough, What Results Will I See?

As well as the aformentioned energy boost and brighter skin, the book claims you could lose a stone or more in just ten days, so for a quick fix it’s appealing.

Green Juice Diet: Lea Michele Green Juice Diet: Lea Michele


What Can I Eat?

Green means go – the Green Juice smoothies include kale, lettuce, parsley, spinach, spring greens and watercress.  A small amount of low-sugar fruit can be added, such as apples, lime and blueberries. 


And, More Importantly, What Can’t I?

Refined sugar and carbs – such as pasta, cereal and bread – as well as meat, dairy and alcohol.


What Do The Experts Say?

Nutritionist Claire Baseley says: ‘While the smoothies contain some vitamins, minerals and fibre, they lack protein.  So this diet will result in muscle and tissue loss, causing the metabolic rate to drop and weight to be easily regained when you eat normally again.  The body can detoxify itself very well, so juice and smoothie cleanse diets aren’t necessary.’