So Grant Bovey’s Time On This Morning Was A Little Awkward…

The Celebrity Big Brother evictee joined Eamonn and Ruth on the sofa. But social media called them out for 'grilling' him...

Celebrity Big Brother’s Grant Bovey joined Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on ITV’s This Morning today, following his eviction from the house on Friday night.

Grant was the first to leave the show, having lost the public vote to James Whale.

Grant Bovey CBB

During his time on the sofa, the former housemate revealed that those in the house didn’t know why Christopher Biggins had been removed.

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He explained, ‘We didn’t know. The strange thing was with Biggins, he went to the diary room – which you do two or three times a day – he was gone for half an hour and then Big Brother made an announcement saying Biggins had been removed. They used the word removed.’

Of course, the outside world have since been made aware of the TV personality’s comments that were ‘capable of causing great offence.’

Ruth was also quick to quiz Grant on his ‘flirting’ with Marnie Simpson, but he insisted that it was all ‘just for sport.’

Marnie Simpson flirts Grant Bovey

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He continued, ‘It was sport on both sides, bit of laugh and a joke.’

After Eamonn appeared to push the issue, Grant defended himself: ‘It was highly… it wasn’t flirtatious at all. It was just a bit of a TV soap moment.’

But viewers criticised the This Morning presenters for ‘grilling’ him.

Social media reactions included:

Oh dear.