Grandparents Read Mean Tweets From Their Grandchildren In New Christmas Ad

The Christmas adverts are coming in thick and fast this year. John Lewis have upped the ante in terms of making adverts around this time memorable and either funny, emotional or both. American internet provider Xfinity are using this year’s biggest viral hit to flog from wi-fi hubs.

Riding the hype from Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’, the internet provider got grandparents to read real tweets from their grandchildren about how their houses have no internet.

The ungrateful little…

Anyway, check out the video below.

Such mean tweets as “My Grandmas house is straight medieval bruh, she’s got not wifi #notsomerryxmas” make me question whether this is even a real tweet or some horrific hack-job from a 50-something advertising agent trying to get inside the mind of the illusive millennial.

The ad was created by the 72andSunny agency who assured the general public that these were genuine reactions, as was the sit-down meal! We don’t buy it entirely but it’s fun to watch either way.

To double down on the warm-fuzziness, the whole ad was soundtracked with¬†‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, a song that has no association with Christmas but is used in pretty much every advert.


The reaction to this advert has been mixed to say the least! Youtube commenters are lambasting the ad for not embracing their ideals of Christmas.

Jimmy James says: “Their parents should be parents and tell their self centred little brats they can go a day without their TOYS and interact with the family who raised, and loves them. That’s why the next generation will be worse than the last!”


Bit of an overreaction to a Christmas advert but hey, this ads are meant to draw a reaction out of us…


We can all admit that we should rely a little bit less on our devices but they’re an integral part of our lives now. As long as the family are enjoying their holiday together, it shouldn’t matter whether they’re watching Netflix or playing a board-game.