This Grandma Vlogger’s Beauty Tutorials Are So Cute!

Grandma Lil and her grandson are taking over YouTube with their funny vids

Ever wondered how nans do their make up? Wonder no more because vlog star grandma Lill is here to show you how.

The 86-year-old have become a YouTube sensation thanks to her often hilarious and always super cute videos with grandson Kevin.

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Kevin Droniak is already a social media star and has now introduced his lovely gran into the mix. As well as filming conversations about things like them both performing karaoke using a selfie stick (utter brilliant, btw), the pair have opened up Lill’s glorious beauty routine and many make up tricks to the world.

Grandma Lill loves her beauty!


In one video Kevin tells his nana all about the wonders of Kylie Jenner’s lips, introducing the sassy granny to the beauty queen’s Lip Kit. Lill’s not a fan to begin with, shouting, “I’m not putting that cr*p on my lips!” before relenting and eventually lets her grandson apply the Posie K shade. After some very good pouting at the camera Lill looks at Kylie’s Lip Kit logo and asks the question we’ve all been dying to ask…

“Why is it dripping off the lips?”

Why indeed, Lill.

The fact that grandma Lill is often completely confused by many of today’s beauty trends is something we totally get. The Full Face Of Glitter Challenge? Baffling.

She’s become a YouTube star

In her Thanksgiving beauty tutorial lovely Lill makes many attempts to get her brows “on fleek” with hilarious results.


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One of our faves though is Lill’s everyday routine. The nan expertly applies her blusher using the age-old cheeky grin technique to make the apples of her cheeks round. Lill’s grin-slash-wink is the cheekiest making us want to give her a giant hug.

We can’t say we’ve learned too much from Kev’s gran but watching these videos has made up laugh out loud and feel all cosy. We’d like to see Lill recreating some of the most iconic celebrity looks from recent years. Lady Gaga’s Picasso face for instance. Or Bella Hadid’s glittery pout?

By Ellen Kerry