Gourmet Burger Kitchen Has Some Big News

Gourmet Burger Kitchen has some exciting news.

Great for party-ready friday fiends, not so great for those powering on through Dry January. 

If you’re a regular to the burger haunt, you’ll know that GBK is home to some of the most epic milkshakes around. 

In a new twist, they’ve announced a brand new taste sensation to their drinks menu. Enter, the Jäger Shake.


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Working with the central ingredient to fresher’s favourite, the Jägerbomb, this milky concoction marries thick and creamy milkshake goodness with the German-born spirit, Jägermeister.

The Jäger Shake will come in a choice of different classic flavours, including vanilla, banana and salted caramel.

We mean, who wouldn’t want to chug down an alcoholic milkshake along with their mouthwatering burger?