Gotham Gym: Meet The Trainer Who Gets All The Supermodels In Shape

Gotham Gym. The place to spot Cara Delevigne hanging out by the weights while Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid practice their lunges nearby. Yep, it’s the supermodels workout secret. Gotham Gym is the gym to be seen in – probably because owner and ex-boxer Rob Piela reckons he can give you the bod of a supermodel as well. Sold? Us too.

Kendall Jenner with Rob Piela at Gotham Gym Gotham Gym is where Kendall Jenner goes to work out


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Cara Delevigne working out at Gotham Gym Gotham Gym is how Cara Delevigne gets that flat tum


The Workouts

“Our workouts are sweaty and intense,” Rob reveals. “In general we usually do a lot of balance and stability training combined with high intensity boxing for cardio. [Including] lots of jump rope and proprioceptive training.”

And it’s this word ‘proprioceptive’ that makes his workout special, and brings all those Gotham goddesses to his door. Rob’s concept is all about training your muscles to react in an instinctive way in any situation, it generates muscle tone and means you’re less likely to injure yourself too. It’s why boxing works so well, as you’re constantly forced to change direction and move around. Once you are punching, kicking and jumping in the correct way, you’ll be working your muscles at their full potential allowing you to burn more fat. Basically you’re getting a whole lot more from your workout.

Nadine Leopold and Gotham Gym owber Rob Gotham Gym owner and Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold


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A typical session usually includes usually involve around 10 one-minute-long intervals of intense exercises including burpees, star jumps and push ups. This is followed by a session of punches with a partner and interchangeable boxing routines.

“An average workout will burn somewhere between 400 and 800 calories,” says Rob. “We emphasize proper technique so often beginners move at a slower pace.  Once they get the fundamentals down they really burn.”

It’s time to glove up and punch it out…


Can’t Get Stateside? How To Train Like A Gotham Gym Goddess At Home

Grab a skipping rope

Skipping burns around 110 calories every 10 mins and it’s been revealed as a great way to tone up your arms.

Punch it out

Virgin Active offers Punch classes where you can spar with a partner for an intense 45-minute workout which works your core, helping those abs along nicely.

Classes available nationwide

Hit the floor

Follow Gotham Gym’s one-minute interval training for a buff bod. Do push ups, star jumps, high kicks, burpees and squats for a minute each. Then repeat. 

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