Something Awkward Happened To Mariah Carey At The Golden Globes

And it involved Meryl Streep...

By Jason Duaine Hahn

From the editors of PEOPLE

Mariah Carey had a little mix-up on the way back to her seat during a commercial break at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, accidentally landing in the seat of another entertainment legend: Meryl Streep.

The 47-year-old singer tweeted from the Globes audience about her encounter with The Post star, who was nominated for Best Actress.

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Meryl Streep

According to Carey, she grabbed the closest empty seat she could find as a commercial break came to a close while she was returning from the bathroom – ending up next to Post director Steven Spielberg.

‘Got caught mingling on the way to the loo during a commercial break.. took the first seat available, happens to be right next to Steven Spielberg,’ Carey wrote.

‘Cut to next commercial break,’ she continued, ‘guess who comes back to her seatโ€ฆ’

All was well, though, as Carey and Streep, 68, shared a bit of banter about the confusion.ย  In her telling, Careyโ€™s apology was met with graciousness by Streep, who told her: ‘You can take my seat any time!’

Twitter followers couldnโ€™t get enough. As one wrote: ‘Two women at the top of their game!’