People Are Saying Vile Things About The Gogglesprogs

Okay. So we’re officially obsessed with the Gogglesprogs.

They’re just as hilarious as their adult Gogglebox counterparts, and they’re also super-super-super cute. We’re so glad that the Christmas special got made into a full series.

Of course, the majority of viewers agree with us. One fan Tweeted after Friday night’s episode: ‘#Gogglesprogs is THE best thing on the telly! I want to be a primary school teacher just so I can listen to some of the kids convos!’



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Another wrote: ‘My guilty pleasure #gogglebox about to be replaced by #gogglesprogs. Such wisdom and innocence in equal measure!’

The show has also been praised for giving the children such a wide range of programmes and films to watch, from The Lion King to reports about Brexit.



A particularly impressed watcher remarked over the weekend: ‘So proud of #Gogglesprogs for getting youngsters to talk about politics.’

But like everything that gets talked about on the the internet, some people have slightly less favourable opinions.

Now, we totally understand that a show like Gogglesprogs may not be for everyone. But there’s absolutely NO need to criticise the kids involved.



Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s been happening. Prepare to feel angry…

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Some of the youngsters have been labelled ‘fat’ by online trolls, with Tweets including: ‘Why are the children on the show so fat? Hire some children who don’t need to be lifted by a crane every morning!’



Others have said: ‘Why are most of these kids so bloody fat? Stop watching TV and get some exercise you little bloaters,’ and: ‘Less time spent watching TV & more time spent outside running around and some of these #Gogglesprogs might not be so fat #obesitycrisis.’

In our opinion, this is completely unacceptable. They’re all 12 or under, are still at school and have absolutely no way of responding.



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