These Throwback Gogglebox Photos Are Blowing Our Minds

Ah, Gogglebox. To be honest, we’re not actually sure we did on Friday nights in before our favourite TV addicts came into our lives.

But enough about us, what were the cast doing in their pre-Channel 4 days?! Well, that’s a very good question. And we have the answer.

Yep, we’ve been trawling through our favourite families’ Twitter and Instagram accounts (soz, guys) to find you the most ah-mazing throwback photos they’ve posted.

Trust us, you’ll enjoy this…

1) The Moffatts

First up, let’s take a look at dad Mark and daughter Scarlett back in the mid-90s. HOW adorable?

Scarlett’s also shared a montage of old-school snaps of herself. Hasn’t she blossomed?! What a stunner.

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2) Steph and Dom

They’re the upper-crust champagne drinkers that we all aspire to be. But how did things start out for them? Well, just check out this picture from their wedding day.


Loving the jazzy jacket and the statement collar, guys! You know someone’s a babe when they can pull that one off, right?

Anyway, here’s Dom enjoying a holiday abroad.

And how loved-up do they look in this shot? Meant to be, we’d say.

3) Jonathan Tapper

We LOVE the Tappers. They’re one of the loveliest (and most tight-knit) families out there. Daughter Amy proved just this when she sneakily shared this childhood photo of dad Jonathan. Lolz.

4) Baasit Siddiqui

This is Baasit on the day he married wife Melissa. Pretty damn handsome, huh?

5) June and Leon

Speaking of weddings… recognise these two? This beautiful picture dates all the way back to 1960.

6) Ellie and Izzi

Judging by their #TBT posts, these sisters have been close since day one. Aw.

7) Reverend Kate and Graham

Another wedding picture! Fun fact: Kate says she started going to church when she was 14 because she fancied the vicar’s son… Graham. They’ve been together for 23 years and have two children. Ca-uuuute.

8) Lee (of Jenny and Lee)

It was actually Jenny who treated us to this (brilliant) glimpse of 90s Lee. He’s pictured with his long-term partner Steve, who he says tells him to ‘shut up’ when he’s watching telly IRL.

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9) Chris Steed

Check. Out. That. Hair.

10) Stephen Webb

Chris isn’t the only Brighton hairdresser to show us a vintage snap or two. We got a glimpse into Stephen’s past when he uploaded this collage for a pal’s birthday.

11) The Michaels

Erm, we’re pretty sure this photograph of parents Andrew and Carolyne could have been in a magazine. And how much does Carolyne look like daughter Alex?!

It’s official. Carolyne is a major stunner (she’s on the left, BTW).