Gogglebox’s Sandra Hits Back After Charging £1 For Selfies

Gogglebox’‘s Sandra faced a bit of controversy over the weekend when she was spotted charging money for selfies at London’s British Summer Time Festival.

The Channel 4 favourite shocked onlookers at Hyde Park when she was seen taking money from fans in exchange for snaps.

‘It was a bit bizarre’, an onlooker told The Sun.

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Sandra and Sandy gogglebox Sandra and Sandy are famous for their sofa antics on Gogglebox…


According to the newspaper, the Gogglebox star was charging £1 for a selfie, and offering a 50p discount for those on benefits. A little odd, considering she’s a total babe on TV.

But now, Sandra has explained what she was really doing – raising money for charity, guys!

Sharing a photo of a ‘Bonded Thru Cancer’ charity collection box, the funnywoman tweeted: ‘To whom it may concern, this is where the money I collect from selfies goes to. I am the Ambassador for BondThruCancer.’

sandra gogglebox …But actually, the money was for charity!


‘Ambassador Queenie Beenie Gogglebox also wants to let you know I chaperone a lot of cancer friends and family to hospitals’, she added. 

‘So I hope you all feel better now. That’s a wrap. Now let me get showered and clothes on and go meet my American date… Woop woop woop woop.’

Ooh, a hot date?! Good luck, lady! And we’re glad she cleared that one up. What a diamond.