People Are Pretty Angry At Gogglebox For *This* Move

It’s safe to say that some viewers are NOT impressed with Gogglebox right now.

Why’s this? Well, it’s all because of a cup. And no, we’re not joking.

Basically, on last Friday’s episode, a Rangers FC fan mug could be seen on new Scottish family the Manuels’ coffee table.

The cup has now been blurred. Hmmm…


However, by the time the catch-up episode had aired on Sunday, said mug had been completely blurred out. Intriguing.

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Of course, this caused a bit of a stir among footie fans, with a number of supporters firing off miffed Tweets.

One wrote: ‘So channel 4 have blurred out the guy on gogglebox’s coffee mug because people have complained it’s a rangers one. What a sad existence.’

It was this mug that caused the dramz. Picture: @BRIDGETON_L_RSC


Even Bridgeton Loyal Supporters Club – whose logo featured on the item in question – Tweeted: ‘Any particular reason why our clubs mug was blurred out on the Sunday repeat and catch up #Gogglebox [sic].’

The group had earlier seemed pretty pleased that they were on the show, writing alongside a picture of the cup: ‘Tonight’s Gogglebox Ch4 new family and one of these making an appearance.’

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So why did it end up getting blurred? Channel 4 have explained to The Scottish Sun: ‘We apologise for any offence caused by this oversight which breached protocols on promotional items app­earing on the show.

Channel 4 has explained why it blurred the mug


‘As soon as we became aware we took immediate action to ensure it was no longer visible in re­peats or on All 4.’

Bridgeton Loyal Supports Club were actually asked to comment on The Sun‘s story. Which they did in AMAZING form.

They posted two images, telling fans: ‘We had to comment on this.’ Just take a look…

Bridgeton Loyal Supports Club have responded in spectacular fashion. Picture: @BRIDGETON_L_RSC


Day. Made.