So *This* Gogglebox Girl Broke The Internet On Friday

Gogglebox fans were dealt a total shocker on Friday night when a surprise family member made an unexpected appearance on the show.

Fans of the Michael family, which consists of dad Andrew, mum Carolyne and children Louis and Alex, will have known that Alex actually has a secret sister who has only appeared on the Channel 4 show a handful of times.

Back in April, Alex’s sister Katie stepped in for Alex when she wasn’t able to film one week. And they look so alike, that barely anyone noticed (despite being 18 months apart and definitely not twins).

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gogglebox katie alex The sisters are 18 months apart, although they look like twins!


But on Friday, Alex and Katie hit the sofa together, AT THE SAME TIME, and Twitter went absolutely wild.

‘My mind has been blown: the Michael family on #gogglebox has two daughters. It took ten minutes to get my head around this’, wrote one avid viewer.

‘Alex and Katie at the same time – I’m all confused #gogglebox’, tweeted another.

gogglebox katie alex Viewers were left *very* confused about the Michael sisters…


And for those who had no idea that Katie even existed, it was complete and utter chaos.

‘Sorry am I seeing double????? What is going on??? #gogglebox’, wrote one confused viewer.

LOL. Sister Katie even took to Twitter to have a good old laugh at how her and her sister literally broke the Internet, tweeting: ‘Frenzy’ with a crying laugh emoji.

We’re so happy Katie has finally joined the Gogglebox family. But as we love Louis so much, maybe they can make room for five on that sofa next time?