Which Gogglebox Family Have Fostered 68 Children?

Gogglebox stars Pete and Lynne McGarry might only appear on screen with son George Gilbey, but wait ’til you hear how big their family really is.

The lovely duo have opened up about their unconventional family life, revealing that they have fostered a whopping 68 children over the past 16 years. Crikey! We’re impressed.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Lynne revealed: ‘We’ve now fostered 68 children and it’s enhanced our lives so much. It’s very rewarding. I’ve just loved doing it.’

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The 66-year-old is biological mother to George, with her and Pete starting to foster other children when George was 15.  

‘I’ve just brought them up as my own’, Lynne continued. ‘On Mother’s Day I get so many phone calls. They don’t forget you. A lot still regard me and Pete as their parents.’

Lynne, who lives in Essex, explained that many of their foster kids came from difficult backgrounds.


‘When they’ve been taken away from their parents and siblings it can be dreadful for them, it’s like a bereavement. It ain’t their fault, it’s just the situation they’re in. They’re often petrified when they first come to us. But I make them feel welcome and tell them to help themselves if they’re hungry and tell them it’s their home.’

‘We’ve had some of them get into trouble. We look after teenagers now, which can be difficult.’

And as for her and Pete’s own son, George? Well, Lynne admits he’s no angel either, but she still loves him to bits.


‘He’s always classed the other boys as his brothers’, she said. ‘He was 15 when we started fostering and he never moaned. He always shared everything. He’s got a good heart. He does drive me mad, but he’s a good boy.’

The couple have officially adopted a boy named Chris back in 2000, who was the first child they ever fostered.

Aw. We always knew this lot had huge hearts.