GMB’s Susanna Reid Questions Guest For Referring To Harvey Weinstein As A ‘Poor Bloke’

Stephanie Beacham's words did not go down well with viewers on social media...

Stephanie Beacham, known for her roles in TV dramas and soap operas, took a guest spot on Good Morning Britain on Monday to discuss the Oscars.

Of course, with awards season bringing the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements to the forefront, disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein – who has multiple allegations of sexual harassment and abuse to his name – is never far away from discussions.

But Stephanie caused quite a bit of controversy when she referred to Weinstein as a ‘poor bloke’ during her time on the breakfast show.

Host Susanna Reid didn’t let it slide, choosing to highlight her choice of words and quiz her on the meaning.

Talking about the ongoing fight for equality in the film industry, the former Dynasty actress said: ‘I think the drive there is now in Hollywood is simply wonderful.

‘It amused me that Weinstein caused one huge change in showbiz several years ago and he has just changed another one. Poor bloke, he’s just gone down, but he’s actually started something very powerful.’

Susanna pressed: ‘When you say ‘poor bloke’, you don’t feel sorry for Harvey Weinstein, do you?’

Stephanie answered: ‘I think there are so many other people who could have been named as well as Harvey Weinstein…’

Piers Morgan then jumped in and asked if she thought Weinstein had become something of a scapegoat.

She replied: ‘I think he’s just the big example. And I think everybody knows that. There are people who had literally people pimping for them – we all know of it.’

Viewers took issue with her words, and for more than one reason.

One tweet read: ‘Did she just say ‘poor bloke’ about Harvey Weinstein? Don’t sit there and say there are ‘others’ who could’ve also been targeted as sexual predators: if you know them, name them. #GMB’.

Another said: ‘Let’s ask Stephanie beecham who these other Hollywood sex pests are??? It’s amazing how no one comes forward with names they just mention they know of others!! [sic]’.

Stephanie has previously spoken out about her own experience of sexual assault.

Opening up to The Telegraph, she explained that it happened very early in her career: ‘It caused me to break off a long-term relationship that probably should have been my marriage, because I couldn’t admit to it, I felt it was my fault. No, it screwed up my life, definitely.’

Hopefully these conversations will continue and Time’s Up really will mean that time is up.