Glastonbury: Your Ultimate Packing List

Glastonbury packing is a fine art – and we all want to be a festival packing pro. The key is to take all the essentials… but make sure you don’t have too much to lug across the campsite. So to give you a helping hand we’ve creating the ultimate checklist for festival packing and what to bring along with you – from nifty festival hacks to those things you’d really, really regret forgetting. Now all you need to concentrate on is having the best time ever/tracking down Kate Moss and making her your BFF…


Every Glasto pro knows to pack these…



Your Tent. Or Better Yet The Tent That’ll Charge Your Phone

This. Is. Genius.

The Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent (£179.99, is not only brightly patterned meaning you’ll spot it a mile off, but it also contains a solar panel and USB charging adaptors so your phone will never run out of juice.

If you don’t fancy this one, don’t just go for the cheapest one on offer. It’s your port in the storm and you want it to keep the rain and mud well out.




Storm stopping you partying? Simply zip up and pop on your hood. Gemma Cairney has picked out her favourite Regatta rain jackets that are perfect for festivals (and she’s a lady who knows). We love Bayeux II with a cosy lining, handy big pockets, watertight taped seams and an adjustable hood. You’ll never want to take it off. Check out her collection here.

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Toilet Paper

For obvious reasons that we won’t go into here. We’re ladies.


Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Block out the sounds of that person in the next tent who just will not stop talking about awesome the headline act were, and keep the sun out when it serves as a natural wake-up call waaaay too early for your liking.

We love Soap & Glory Cool Eye Mask (£6, Boots) as it contains puff preventing gel to ward away those under eye bags. 

Hand Sanitiser

You do not want to know how many people have touched that Portaloo flush just before you. Wipe out any germs with a quick rub of the hands, and have a hand sanitiser in your bag at all times. Carex Moisture Plus Hand Gel, £1.45 does the job nicely.




No. Those really cool buckle boots won’t do. Neither will your Converse trainers. With that many people trampling about, even the slightest bit of rain will create a sea of mud – and wellies are the one thing that will protect you from it. Hunter wellies are Kate Moss’ favourite for a reason,  and they now have a collection devoted just to festival fashion.




For hiding those bags, having a quick sleep behind without anyone noticing or just looking cool. Pack an extra cheap pair just in case yours get lost.



A Warm Jumper and Thick Socks

Even if the forecast is sun, sun, sun it’s going to get cold at night – pack these layers in a carrier bag to ensure they keep dry, and pop on before bed for added cosiness.

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Sleeping Bag

Be as snug as a bug in a rug. Choose a three season one, to keep you warm on the coldest of nights.



Sunburn. Not a good look. Protect yourself and keep reapplying throughout the day.

Mini Versions Of Your Favourite Products.

Including dry shampoo and check out our festival hair style inspiration gallery here.

Baby Wipes.

By the Bucketful. We’re sorry but they may be the closest thing to a shower you get all weekend.


Easy Dry Towel

Camping towels fold up to tiny sizes, and dry much quicker than regular towels, making them perfect for festival washes (if you manage one). Mountain Warehouse have a good selection, that come with their own carry cases.

Water bottle

Don’t fork out a fortune for extortionate bottled water. Keep your eyes peeled for water points and fill up your own. We love Bobble which has its own built in water purifier.

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Plastic Bags

Never underestimate the humble poly bag. Use it for dirty clothes, rubbish and even lining the door of your tent to rest wellies on.

Portable Toothbrush and Toothpaste + Deodrant

Being stinky wins you no friends in a close knit crowd.




As an extra layer or for lazing about on the grass in.




Extra points for a head torch. It’s gonna get dark, and it’s this is more than useful during a late night loo dash – a head torn will ensure you have both hands.

Your ticket!

You literally cannot go without it.




The Smokeless, Super Light BBQ

Say no to not-so-cheap chips, and instead pack your own portable stove. (Make sure you check your campsite allows BBQS)

Weighing in at only 2kg, and designed to use with only a handful of charcoal. It’s also smokeless (so no complaints from your neighbours) plus can easily fit in the bottom of a rucksack. Short of actually doing the barbecuing for you, we couldn’t ask for more from it! Get one here… From £99

Blow Up Mattress

While your friends roll about, on hard ground finding it impossible to get comfortable, try hard to not be too smug as you lie on your own personal cloud. It may not be a 5 star hotel, but after a day of dancing it will feel like a four-posted bed.



Tupperware and Forks

Save a fortune by packing your own food: good portable items include cereal bars, cold pasta with pesto for the first night,




A Pillow


Emergency Battery Charger

Never lose your friends in the crowd, by making sure your phone is charged at all times. Or why not get a cheap festi-phone? Then you don’t have to worry about it getting nicked, and the battery will last allllll weekend without all that pesky 4G eating into your battery life.

And Finally… Our Ultimate Festival Hack…

When booze shopping, pick up a few boxes of wine. Then proceed to drink the wine… and next, blow up the empty container inside the box! They make the perfect pillow. Yep, we know, we’re genius’.