Girls’ Zosia Mamet Talks Sex Scenes: ‘We High-Five Afterwards’

If we were less lazy, we would get t-shirts made up with Shoshanna from Girls’ face on them. That is how into Shoshanna Shapiro we are. And with Girls Season three back on our screens next week, we can’t wait to hear from our favourite character and all her hilarious off-beat wisdom.

The real Shoshanna (or Zosia Mamet, as it turns out she prefers to be called in real life) is nothing like her alter ego, which we discovered when we sat down with her this week. But that doesn’t mean she’s not lovely. We chatted about life on set with Lena Dunham – ‘There isn’t any bitchiness, we all genuinely love each other’ – her character’s new love interest, played by Evan Jonigkeit – HER REAL LIFE BOYFRIEND YOU GUYS – and how ‘weird’ their coupley scenes were; ‘It felt slightly revealing, but we are so comfortable with each other, we just laughed it off and high-fived after our sex scene.’

We also discussed the guest stars on the show: ‘We loved having Richard E. Grant on so much, we’ve been so exceptionally lucky. We’ve already had some of the cast of Orange Is The New Black on and I think we’re trying to get Natasha Lyonne [who plays Nicky on OITNW] into series four.’

And then we gave her ‘The Shoshanna Test’ which is something we made up based on Shoshanna’s Shoshanisms. Things are about to get weird…


What’s your favourite cutlery? A spoon. I agree with Shoshanna on this one, I love a spoon. I don’t have an aversion to forks, I just think spoons are shaped really beautifully. I often eat my salad with a really big spoon.

Have you ever told anyone to ‘get out of you’? I haven’t ever told someone that, no. Except on camera.

What is the most ‘adult and intriguing’ thing about you? I don’t know if I see myself as an adult. I’m a bit of an old lady sometimes. I like early bedtime when I can get it and I’m a big reader. I also really need glasses.

Do you have a new hairstyle every day? I’m not very girly – I didn’t even own a hair brush until this year. I just didn’t brush my hair. But I’ve had a few different hair colours. I really loved being blonde – I do think they have more fun. I’m very into fashion though, I love it so so much. I’m really into vintage and thrift stores. But I also like to mix and match with designers and high street.

What is better than bathing a pig? I’ve never bathed a pig, it sounds awesome.

When did you last ‘unchoose a choice’? I changed my mind at the last minute about my Golden Globes dress.

Do you own big girl pants? I got a new pair of jeans recently and Evan said they look like grown up jeans. So I have grown up jeans, does that count?

By Elizabeth Ryan

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