#GirlsInStem : The Empowering Campaign That Could Change Your Career

Have you ever had a teacher try to tell you that science isn’t for girls?

Or that you’d be better off in the home economics classroom than the maths?

These messages are everywhere – and they’re seriously holding us back. The Everyday Sexism project highlights the damage they can do, and now a brilliant new campaign that encourages females into science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) jobs is taking Twitter by storm.

And it’s about time. In 2015 just 14.5% of the UK’s STEM workforce were female, and despite girls getting consistently better school grades than boys on average, studies show they struggle with confidence when it comes to maths and science. This, according to Jonathan Osborne, professor of science education at Stanford University in US, has nothing to do with academic difficulties and therefore must be “entirely cultural.”

And even when girls are matching boys in these subjects there still seems to be a reluctance for girls to progress to a higher level or consider a career in the subject.

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Yep, that means despite being just as good as men society is still sending the message that STEM subjects aren’t for us.

Which is why #GirlsInStem is so important. The hashtag has been trending for hours today as an initiative across the country takes place encouraging more women to enter into STEM careers. The events, which take place Newcastle, Dublin, London Edinburgh and Manchester has coding workshops, speeches from inspirational women in the field and the latest virtual technology. They’re attended by more than 1,500 school girls who have all been posting excitedly about their future careers in STEM.

This all helps to break down the gender pay gap as typically STEM careers are some of the highest paying.

We’ll leave Amy to have the last word here…