Girls Aloud Working In The Studio With DJ Fresh!

DJ Fresh has revealed that he’s been working in the studio with Girls Aloud. 

Excuse us while we jump up and down in excitement! DJ Fresh, whose real name is Dan Stein, told the Daily Star: “I’ve been working with Girls Aloud recently. “I can’t really talk much about it yet because it’s early days but I can say we’ve been in the studio together.”

Eek! Cheryl Cole appeared on Daybreak today, discussing her new single Under The Sun, and talked about the girls’ decision to reunite for their 10th anniversary.

She said: “We have our 10th anniversary is this year, which is insane if you think  – it’s a massive achievement. It’s actually just exciting to be back, you know doing something…”

And by ‘doing something’, she obviously means ‘recording in the studio with DJ Fresh’. This is WAY too much excitement for a Tuesday afternoon. RM