Girl Sends Her BF Make-Up Shopping; Instantly Regrets It

We all know shopping at Boots is not the most glamourous of tasks. However much you love makeup, sometimes battling the crowds to get your new beauty booty can feel like quite the chore.

One girl – known as ‘My Beautiful Sunshine’ – decided to solve this dilemma by sending her boyfriend (Bluefiz) to pick up her supplies. Her obedient partner headed down to his local pharmacy armed with her list, and what happened next is kinda hilarious.

Texting his ‘Beautiful Sunshine’ for advice whilst battling the alien world of the beauty aisle, Bluefiz then shared their convo via a series of screenshots using Imgur.

First up on his list was a lipstick. No ordinary lipstick, mind you. She was after a “light, bright, matte (no sparkle) lipstick (no gloss)”. Hmmm, we regularly wear lipstick and we have no idea what that means. No wonder he was stumped.


It appears she is already regretting this. 

At this point she’s probably realised it would have been quicker to go herself… However, Bluefiz is commited to completing his make-up mission. 

Uh-oh he’s getting confused between lipstick and nail varnish. Easy mistake…

SO much choice… 

This is proving painful by this point. 

The fun part begins: time to get testing.


The new way we’ll be trying lipsticks from now on… 

The struggle is real. 

FINALLY a decision is made. 

But there’s still the other items on the list to pick up. Next up: false eyelashes. 

Ridiculous scenes ensue. Favourite quote: “Fake eye lashes are called falsies”


What an anti climax. And what a waste of time.

Note to self: never make someone do your make-up shopping for you – particularly not your boyfriend.