Giovanna Fletcher: ‘Tom And I Are Obsessed With Breaking Bad!’

Giovanna Fletcher is not only married to McFly’s Tom Fletcher, but she’s also the sister of the gorgeous Mario from TOWIE. Talk about showbiz family! We caught up with the lady herself for a gossip about boys, being broody and her fab new book, Billie And Me


LOOK: Hi Giovanna – congrats on the new book. The story is a love story between an actor and a normal girl. Is there any similarities to the main character Billy to anyone you may know? Tom or Mario, perhaps? 

G: No, unfortunately not. It’s all fiction. The only character that is based on someone is the old lady, who Sophie [the main character] works with in the shop. I worked with someone similar when I was 13 in a florist who was very grounding and so she’s the only one based on a bit of truth. 


LOOK: How did you feel when you saw it in print? 

G: It’s really surreal. I went to Waterstones the other day and there it was, sat on the shelf. I wanted to pick it up and run around shouting “I wrote it, I wrote it – Look, look.” I lucky went to lunch with my agent instead of doing that, but when I took her back to see it, it had gone! Someone had bought it. It’s amazing.


LOOK: How did Mario and your family feel when they read the book and you were published? 

G: They’ve all been very supportive and are proud of me. It’s taken me about two years from start to finish and I couldn’t have done it without them. 


LOOK: Did you ever think of basing it more on Tom and the band rather than TV? 

G: Yes. When I first started writing I had a few different scenarios that Billy and Sophie were in and I chose the TV world as I could use my imagination and run away with that. One idea was to do the band thing but I felt so stifled, I felt like anything I came up with people would be thinking it’s about me and Tom. It felt like the ultimate game of Barbie. I think Tom and Mario’s experiences may have aided it somehow but nothing real is actually in there. 


LOOK: Being married to Tom and having Mario as your brother, you must have to deal with the bad things that come with fame. Do you ever find it overwhelming?

G: I take a step back from it where I can, because it’s not my life. Our life, my life with my family and my life at home with Tom is far less glamorous than people think.


LOOK: Why, what do you do? 

G: Our life is sat in our pyjamas, with our cats, watching box sets of Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad – that’s as rock n roll as it gets. Tom and I watched the final episode of  the most recent Breaking Bad three times – that’s how obsessed we are! 


LOOK: So you’re now busy writing your second book, what’s Tom up to? 

G: They’re getting ready for their 10 year anniversary gig at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s two shows in September and there’s special guests – it’s going to be amazing, He’s also recording their sixth album too, so he’s pretty busy too. 


LOOK: We loved your wedding video with Tom’s speech. Did you have any idea it’d go viral? 

G: No. We genuinely only put it up there to show friends and family who couldn’t make the day. It was mental. I was getting ready the next day and was on in the background. Then the next thing I know is that Tom’s there, singing to the boys, to my mum and dad on the telly because they were showing the clip. 


LOOK: It was totally adorable…

G: Well, you say that but the other night I had my book launch and before I even got up to say my speech I felt I was so nervous and had to apologise because I had that to follow…I was like, “Damn you, Tom!”


LOOK: Well, you two are a talented pair. Are you getting broody now that you’ve settled into married life? 

G: [Laughing] Well we don’t have any on the way right not but we’d love to have kids in the future.


LOOK: Well they’re definitely going to be talented kids…

G: [Laughing] Yeah, our kids are going to be all singing, all dancing little geeks! Mini McFly. 


LOOK: We love the YouTube videos you and Tom put up – would you guys ever record an album? 

G: You’ll have to ask Tom that one. [Laughing] 


LOOK: Well let us know if Jay Z calls…


Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher, Penguin, £6.99.


Interview by Lydia Southern, 30th May 2013


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