Ginger Coke Exists And Is Dividing The Nation

As if we needed another reason to resent the other half, Coca-Cola have released their newest concoction which is dividing fans of coke, fans of ginger and fans of good things. Ginger Coke is the newest limited edition release from the creators of diabetes.

This isn’t the first exclusive flavour the world has seen. While Ginger Coke is only available in Australia it’s still a front to good taste globally.

As The Independent report, “the fizzy drink joins a long list of exclusive tastes including Black Cherry (USA), Vanilla (UK, Canada and USA), Orange (UK, Latvia, Russia) and even Green Tea (Japan).”

Since summer is just beginning for the good folks of Australia and New Zealand, Coke are twisting their classic drink with ginger to align with a rise in the number of ginger-flavoured drinks on that side of the globe.

But who cares why it exists, does its taste warrant us caring about it? Quite a few people on Twitter have described the taste as “soulless”. One Twitter user said: “Give me ginger beer over this garbage”.

Apparently it’s a good mixer, though?

The taste is supposedly very subtle, which for those that favour the spicy kick of ginger beer, will be very disappointing. Also, there’s no real ginger in Coke Ginger which, well, we probably should have guessed.

In better Coke news, Japan are celebrating Christmas in the best way with these magical coke battles. One tug on the label and the coke bottle brandishes itself with a bow.

You really have to see it to believe it!

We don’t have Thanksgiving here so it’s okay to be Christmasy

Apparently this bottle was around in Western Europe (that’s us!) last year, according to Reddit. The Japanese Coke website actually explains how this Christmas sorcery is even possible.

While the jury is still out on Ginger Coke, we’re 100% on board for the Ribbon Bottles.