Gillian Anderson Is Criticised For Being Moody During Happiness Book Promo

Has she got the 'secret to happiness'?

If your new book is all about being a very happy woman, people are probably going to expect a very happy woman promoting it. Unfortunately for Gillian Anderson, fans thought her appearance on ITV’s This Morning just wasn’t happy enough!


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The Fall star is busy doing the rounds for her new book, We: A Manifesto For Women Everywhere, joining Holly Willoughby and Schofe on the sofa to chat about it today.

Philip Schofield asked Gillian is she was ‘happy’

Viewers were confused by Gillian’s glum appearance as was host Phil who asked Gillian if she was in fact “happy” herself.


Awks! Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to comment on Gill’s demeanour, taking to Twitter to say they won’t be bothering purchasing the book because “they [Gillian and co-author Jennifer Nadal] both look like a right miserable pair of b*******.”

We will be bold. We will challenge. Let's use our voices. Happy #IWD2017 to us all. #BeBoldForChange #WeWomen

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She might not have been grinning from ear-to-ear but Gillian did look stunning. Simple hair and flawless beauty gave the star an healthy glowy look.

Oh dear. Possibly not the way a promotion to SELL copies of a book should go, eh?