Gigi Hadid Just Got Trolled Over A Photo Of Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid is not about to let the haters get her down on Twitter.

The 20-year-old model showed just how sassy she is after she was criticised for posting a snap of her boyfriend Zayn Malik last night. And that’s pretty damn sassy.

This dramz kicked off when Gigi shared a black and white shot of her man, which showed him rocking a shaved ‘do and posing with his hand over his mouth.

> Gigi Hadid shared this photo of Zayn Malik last night


She captioned the photo: ‘I mean…..,’ which we totally get. Because he looked seriously HOT, people. Oh Gigi, you lucky, lucky lady…

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> This isn’t the first time Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have shown their feelings for each other online



But unfortunately for Gi, she ended up receiving one particularly harsh comment.

For some reason, a cruel follower decided it’d be acceptable to write: ‘Practise how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks [sic].’ Um, excuse us?!

It took a few hours for Gigi to notice the message. But once she did, she let rip.

> The troll criticised Gigi Hadid for her catwalk strut


She responded: ‘I’ve dated 3 guys in 3 yrs, hun. My walk can always get better; I hope the unrelated bitterness in ur heart can too.’

Oh yes. You tell ’em, lady.

> Gigi Hadid has previously dated Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas


In case you’re not up-to-date with Gigi’s less-then-extensive romantic history, she was in a relationship with singer Cody Simpson for two years.

She briefly hooked up with Joe Jonas before going public with Zayn at the end of last year.

> Gigi Hadid appeared in the video for Zayn Malik’s debut solo single Pillowtalk


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However, we doubt she dwelled on the trolling for long. The couple have way more interesting things going on right now, what with Zayn releasing his debut album TOMORROW.

> Zayn Malik’s album Mind Of Mine will be released on 25 March


Yep. We’ll finally get to hear the highly-anticipated Mind Of Mine on Friday, exactly one year to the day that the 23-year-old quit One Direction.

We’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty flippin’ excited.