Gigi Hadid Drops A BIG Hint About Taylor Swift’s Love Life

After *those* Calvin Harris reconciliation rumours, Gigi has been commenting on how Taylor's got a thing for British men and their 'sense of charm'...

Gigi Hadid has been talking about BFF Taylor Swift’s love life. And let’s just say it’s done NOTHING to dampen those rumours that her and ex boyfriend Calvin Harris may have made up…

It all started when Taylor decided to sing along to Calvin’s This Is What You Came For whilst on the FROW at Tommy Hillfiger last week in New York.

Ooh. Did this mean her and Calv had called a truce?

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Taylor still has a big thing for British guys, according to Gigi…

Next, the Scottish DJ added more fuel to the fire by only going and LIKING Taylor’s Instagram video. Double ooh. So they’ve definitely made up, then.

And now, Gigi’s dropped one major hint about who her bestie might be crushing on by saying she is definitely still appreciating British men right now.

Speaking to ES Magazine, Gigi didn’t do anything to rule out the fact that Tay and Calv could be hanging out again by saying: ‘I think we both like the British sense of charm.’

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Could Calvin and Taylor be making up?

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. Obviously, Gigi was referring to her own relationship with Brit boy Zayn Malik. But who’s the guy Tay Tay’s loving?

Both Tom Hiddleston and Calv are both British, so we guess it doesn’t rule Tom out, either.

But still, with all that flirting that’s been going on, we’re putting our money on Calvin. Eep!

We’ll just have to wait and see where this one goes…