Er. So Gigi Hadid’s Been Spotted With A Ring On THAT Finger…

Weeks after rumours emerged that her boyfriend Zayn Malik had 'proposed' - and she'd turned him down

This Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik ‘proposal’ business is getting pretty damn confusing.

It was reported just before Christmas that Zayn, 24, had proposed – and that 21-year-old Gigi had turned him down.

But now Gigi’s been spotted wandering around New York with a delicate band on THAT finger. Hmm.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid happily showed off her ring finger as she walked past photographers…

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She actually seemed pretty happy to show the gold piece off, holding her arm out towards photographers as they snapped her photo.

So could she and Zayn actually be engaged?

Gigi Hadid ring

A cute piece of bling, huh?

Well, the couple came under speculation at the end of last year when Zayn allegedly asked the model to marry him.

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However, a source told Life And Style: ‘She’s only 21 and doesn’t feel ready to tie the knot, so she turned him down.

zayn malik gigi hadid

Zayn and Gigi have been dating for just over a year

‘She’s seen her mum [Yolanda Foster] go through two messy divorces, so Gigi wants to make 100% sure Zayn’s the one before she makes a lifetime commitment.’

We can totally understand this. Still, if true, it must have been a bit of a blow for Zayn.

It’s only been three years since he proposed to his ex Perrie Edwards, with the former couple splitting in summer 2015. He started dating Gigi at the end of that year.

Zayn Malik has been engaged before, to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards

But if Gigi did say no to Zayn, why the flippin’ ‘eck is there a chunk of bling on her ring finger?

The most likely explanation is that she just likes the jewellery, and hadn’t thought of the implication of putting it on her left hand. But with the ‘engagement’ rumours still fresh, it’s a little odd…

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this one pans out.