Why Gigi Hadid’s Presenting Job At The AMAs Didn’t Go Down Too Well

The supermodel sparked a backlash during the American Music Awards after a sketch went wrong...

When your name is Gigi Hadid, life most often comes naturally breezy.

Not only are you a supermodel, the owner of a dreamy wardrobe and currently dating the Zayn Malik, but you’re also a pretty nice girl too.

Yup- you’ve got this life thing down to a tee.

American Music Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Nov 2016

However, it would appear that Gigi has actually landed herself in a little hot water following her American Music Awards presenting debut last night.

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During one section of the awards show,  Gigi decided to do an impression of Melania Trump- Donald Trump’s wife.

Putting on an Eastern-European accent and a pout, Gigi’s sketch poked light fun at a recent speech from Melania- in which the future first lady had been accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s speech.

Turning to the audience, Gigi says- ‘I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia’.

Whilst the supermodel received some laughs from the audience, some viewers felt the sketch wasn’t at all funny- and many have taken to social media to slam Gigi, with some accusing her of being ‘racist’.

One user shares, ‘Not a fan of Gigi Hadid making fun of Melania’s accent and facial expressions. Pandering bullying and cheap shots at its worst’.

Another writes, ‘Gigi hadid is “anti bullying”, but then turns around and bullyies melania trump for her accent & face. Classless’ [sic].



However, despite this slightly controversial moment, Gigi appeared an overall natural at her first hosting debut.

Not only did the she rock several outfit changes, but she also tried her hand at rapping. Yup- we’re severely impressed, Miss Hadid.

Gigi’s supermodel sister Bella has taken to social media to show her support, sharing a video of Gigi with the caption ‘Oh word?’. Oh word indeed, Bella.

We’d love to know what you think about Gigi’s impression of Melania- a step too far or just a tongue in cheek joke?

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Alice Perry