Ghosting: Are *You* Guilty Of The Latest Dating Hurdle?

In an era when everyone is questioning whether romance really is dead, a new pattern has emerged called ghosting. 

And yes, it’s just as soul destroying as it sounds. 

If you’ve ever dated someone for a little while, started feeling a little giddy at the prospect of where it might go – you know, the butterflies and the crushed-out phase we’re talking about – and then suddenly, without warning, your date disappears.

Poof. And you never hear a whisper from them again.

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Sound familiar?

This, unfortunately, means that you’re the subject of a ghosting.



The tactic isn’t new, but the term seems to be the new buzzword.

Many believe that instant dating apps such as Tinder and Happn have marked the beginning of the end of relationships as we know it. But ghosting doesn’t just apply to the minefield that is dating. People are even being ghosted by friends. 

And don’t think for a moment that you can just call them up and confront them, because a key aspect of ghosting is having your calls and texts ignored.

Eventually, it’s assumed, you’ll just give up trying to contact them. Well, you kind of don’t have a choice if you want to avoid the ‘stalker’ or ‘desperate’ label, right?

A Huffington Post poll has previously revealed that 11% of adults have claimed to ghost someone. Oh, sigh.

It’s not just a question of romance anymore. 

Surely it’s just bad manners to ignore someone forever, with no explanation, no? 

By Laura Jane Turner