Get Andy Murray Fever With a Wimbledon-Themed Cocktail!

Hello Wimbledon obsession, we’ve been expecting you.

OK, so no-one’s doing any work today, right? We’re all just screaming, ‘IT’S SUMMER IT’S SUMMER LOOK IT’S SUMMER,’ at each other as we peel off our winter coats and throw them out the window (and then go and get them because actually we probably will want them again at some point).

But the sun shining is just a footnote to a day which is really all about Wimbledon. And the fact that Andy Murray is in the Actual Semi Finals and could be an Actual Winner.

And we’re not the only ones who are Murrssessed (no, that doesn’t really work). Smirnoff Vodka have come up with a couple of Wimbo-themed and Andy-themed cocktail recipes we thought we’d share with you.

So even if you’re not a tennis fan, you can still get a bit drunk*!  Everyone wins. ButmainlyAndyfingerscrossed. Just scroll for these fantastic cocktail recipes and try them out now…

*Please don’t if you’re under 18. Bad idea.

By Lucy Vine

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