BB’s Georgina Speaks Out About *That* Row With Jackson

Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton’s relationship has been one of the talking points of this year’s Big Brother. And it came to a dramatic climax on Friday night, with the eviction of Georgina.

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The decision was made after the 26-year-old upset her other half – and, it seems, the public – with her comments about Jackson’s son, Cash.

He was gushing about his son’s birth – as any doting father would – but Georgina wasn’t impressed, telling him that she found his words ‘disgusting’, shortly before explaining that she ‘isn’t maternal’.


After the viewing public went into uproar on social media, the young couple made up. Georgina was later delivered the news that she’d come last in the public vote.

Since her emotional exit from the house, Georgina has clearly been made aware of how she came across during the row.

Georgina and Jackson shared an emotional goodbye


She wanted to clear some things up, tweeting: ‘Look, I have never ever once said a bad word about his son. If only editing didn’t cut the last part of the conversation off!

‘To all Twitter trolls – you see 7% of my day with Jackson, on top of eviction stress & editing.’


The official Twitter page of Big Brother appears to have added fuel to the fire, tweeting to its followers: ‘Does Georgina love Jackson or is she trying to change him? What do you think?’

Georgina wasted no time in hitting back at the tweet, saying: ‘You know full and well I love & care for Jackson.’


Meanwhile, Jackson has told Big Brother: ‘It’s really hard, the reality hits you. We just held each other down. It was the bedtime moments for me and George, it felt I had the real George. She was more open with her feelings.

‘In a perfect world, I’d come out of the house and she’d be there and I’d have a ring on me and I would say “sweetheart will you marry me?” I don’t want anyone else.’

Georgina is also still talking about her man on social media, so we guess we’ll have to watch this space….