People Are Not Happy After Seeing The Geordie Shore Trailer

Both Gary Beadle and the MTV show have been criticised for the 'distasteful' advert, which promotes the new series of the show...

Geordie Shore will be returning to our screens for its fourteenth series on March 28th. But it’s safe to say that the MTV show has already done a good job of causing some controversy.

And it’s all down to the trailer and one of the original cast members.

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Gary Beadle, AKA Gaz, has stirred up a huge backlash with his involvement in the promo clip. And, we have to be honest, we can understand why it’s upset a few people.

The new trailer is centred on a heavily ‘pregnant’ Gary ‘giving birth’ to a bunch of new housemates – after he’s pushed out some chicken nuggets and a traffic cone.

Sadly, we’re not kidding.

The concept is weird enough on its own, but when you remember that his ex girlfriend Charlotte Crosby – who also happened to appear on the reality TV show – previously suffered an ectopic pregnancy, you can understand why many viewers have expressed their distaste.

Of course, Gary was the father of the unborn baby, and you may remember that the pair went through an awful lot of upset at the time.

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Charlotte Crosby Gary

Reactions to the footage have included: ‘So distasteful! Particularly in light of a previous cast member’s situation…’ and ‘bit tactless considering his history with Charlotte.’

In fact, former housemate Holly Hagan – who is also a very close friend of Charlotte’s – took to Twitter to share her outrage. The 24-year-old wrote: ‘Cannot believe @mtvgeordie shore signed off that advert! Insensitive and bad taste after what’s happened.’

The upset has proven so intense, that MTV has been forced to issue a statement on the issue.

According to the Daily Mail, the entertainment channel said, ‘MTV is well known for its entertaining and creative promotions around its programming. The promo for the upcoming series of Geordie Shore is designed to introduce our audience to some of the show’s new characters.

‘It bears no significance or connection to any of the cast’s private lives.’