Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei Reveals How Hair Extensions Gave Her Alopecia

Poor Sophie has bravely opened up about this...

Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei has given fans a strong warning about hair extensions, opening up about the fact that she has developed alopecia.

The MTV star discussed how she never gave her hair a break, and admitted that she wished she had treated her locks better before it was too late.

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Our lass @sophiekasaei_ has a little word of warning for hair extension lovers…

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‘Because of all the extensions I’ve been getting, I’ve suffered from Contraction Alopecia,’ she revealed in a video posted to MTV.

Sophie continued: ‘Which means that I’ve lost hair on the sides and that it may never come back. And that’s not because of the extensions that I’m getting in. It’s because of all the years I’ve been tormenting my hair.’

Sophie is one of the last Geordie Shore originals

The Geordie lass added: ‘Going forward, I just want to start looking after my hair and I just want to make people aware that if you are getting extensions give your hair a break in between because you don’t want to end up with bald patches like this.’

Aw, Soph!

After Sophie’s warning was published, one fan seemed pleased that the problem had been addressed: ‘This is a rapidly growing issue right now’ and another warned a friend: ‘Think before you get them.’

Side to side 👐🏽

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Sadly, the reality star was mocked by some trolls online for opening up about her alopecia. Not cool.

But, thankfully, other loyal fans had her back. One wrote: ‘She’s giving people advice and being so brave as someone in the public eye and who can get slated in magazines/online etc for this and people are laughing at it? I just hope it doesn’t happen to you. I think she’s bloody brave [sic]’.

We think it’s important that Sophie has spoken out and warned her fans…

Good on ya, girl!

By Emily Jefferies