The Geordie Shore Producers Have Some Brilliant News

Guys, we’ve got BRILLIANT Geordie Shore news for you. 

Remember when we told you that producers werre in crisis talks due to the fact that the production team had been banned from filming in Magaluf?

Well, the Geordie Shore team have figured out a genius way to get round it – by filming in clubs, instead.

Photographer Terry Blackburn tweeted the good news, wroting: ‘Police got Maga on lockdown. Absolutely no filming in public streets at all. Road block on main strip and only letting taxis in.’


‘Cast arrived on the strip and are currently filming inside of a club. Police warned no filming in public places but ok inside club.’ Phew! (The club scenes are the best, anyway).

The cast and crew recently jetted off to the Spanish holiday hotspot to film scenes for the new series of the MTV show – and it’s already looking explosive.

On Tuesday, pictures emerged of Holly Hagan being comforted by Gaz Beadle on a night out as she threatened to leave Magaluf, shouting: ‘Get me phone, my passport and my bank card and I’m going to the airport.’ Crikey.

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Apparently, it’s something to do with the ‘love of her life’ sleeping with a co-star, which is dramatic enough (poor Holly).

But then it was reported that the whole overseas filming of the show was reportedly at risk of being pulled. Why? Because they’d broken some rules…

According to The Mirror, a notice was put up by chiefs at Calvià Town Hall stating that the Geordie Shore cast would not be allowed to film there.

‘Due to the reports in various media releases in the British press regarding the filming in Magaluf of the series Geordie Shore, the Calvià Town Hall wishes to clarify that the filming permission requested by the film producer was refused and consequently has not been granted the corresponding permissions to film in the municipality of Calvià’, the notice apparently read. 

‘Calvià Town Hall will not allow this municipal decision to be contravened.’

We’re so glad this is sorted, so we can commence watching them all get totally MORTAL.