The Cast Of Geordie Shore Are NOT Happy With Gaz Beadle

Gaz's latest move has really annoyed his Geordie Shore co-stars...

Gaz Beadle has got himself into a bit of trouble with his mates on Geordie Shore.

Apparently Gaz will be going into the house on Thursday, which is a full week after everyone else started filming. He’s reportedly been playing golf and spending time with his girlfriend, Emma McVey, instead of being on the set of Geordie Shore with his castmates.

‘Some of the cast are angry that Gaz is allowed to waltz in whenever it suits him’, a source has told The Sun. 


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‘Everyone has a busy schedule outside of the show but they have to make it work’ the source continued. ‘Gaz is well liked by the cast but some feel he’s getting special treatment from bosses.’

Oh dear. Here’s hoping that he hasn’t annoyed everybody on set too much and filming will still go smoothly.

Despite this, it does seem like Gaz is well and truly loved-up with his current beau, reportedly vowing that he will never cheat on her.

‘I’ve made mistakes, like cheating, but I’m trying not to do that again. My current girlfriend Emma is great’ he told The Sun.

‘Our relationship is different to ones I’ve had before, because they were all in the public eye. This relationship feels more normal.’

Seasoned Geordie Shore fans will know that Gaz was on and off with his co-star, Charlotte Crosby, for five years prior to his new relationship with Emma, and that it didn’t end well.

Still, we’re very glad to hear that he has turned over a new leaf and is happy in his new relationship. Good for him!

By Lucy Abbersteen