Soon You Will Be Able To Switch The Gender Of Emojis

Can you imagine a world without emojis? How on earth would you caption your Instagram posts? Or express your excitement in a group whatsapp? For most of us, they really have become are a second language.

As much as we love an emoticon, the current line-up for us girls is rather limiting, and frankly a bit sexist.

We can choose from a bride, a princess and a Halloween rabbit, meanwhile the guys get to be detectives, runners and a ‘thinking’ man. Not fair!

> The sport section is currently rather male dominated

What happens if you want to share a gym selfie with a weight lifting emoj,i or if boys fancy broadcasting their new hair cut with an accompanying “I got my hair did’ emoji? Thanks to the current set of gender stereotypical emjois both are not possible.  

Let’s be honest, the current keyboard is not representative of men and women’s lives in 2016. 

Luckily though, this is all about the change. Tech whizzes at Unicode are currently working on gender –swapping emojis. Pretty awesome, right?

> Coming soon… a female runner! Yay!

Unicode – the people behind the racially diverse emojis that launched last year – outlined their ideas in a proposal this week.

Assuming Unicode’s proposal gets approved soon your keyboard will look very different. The update will include male, female and genderless emojis that you’ll be able to sub in to all other existing human emojis.

The update also includes some other game-changing new emoji features. With the update you’ll be able to switch the direction of your emoji’s actions, and swap their hair colour (with red, grey and bald options becoming available).

Plus, Unicode hope to introduce a whole host of new flags meaning that all countries around the world can share their patriotic love.

Which new emoji are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments. 

All images: @Emojipedia 

By Elizabeth Bennett