Gemma Collins Opens Up About Her Devastating Miscarriage

She’s usually known for her confidence and huge personality, but Gemma Collins has spoken about an altogether more serious subject – the miscarriage she suffered in 2012.

Gemma took part in an episode of In Therapy on Channel 5, and spoke to therapist Mandy Saligari about the traumatic experience. She hadn’t realised she was pregnant until she began having severe pains.

‘I rang an ambulance. I ended up giving birth on my landing to this four-and-a-half month old baby,’ she said.


She was taken to hospital in an ambulance, and seemed overwhelmed by the medical staff’s reaction. ‘The next minute they put me in the ambulance and this woman is going to me, ‘Do you want to bury your baby? Do you want to sign it over for scientific research?’ she recalled.

Gemma then told her mum about the ordeal, who was understandably upset. But instead of taking some time off to recover, a shocked Gemma decided she’d still attend the National Television Awards that night.

‘My mum started crying, but I knew I had to go and perform at the National Television Awards,’ she continued. ‘I had loads of padding on because I was bleeding heavily, but to the outside world they wouldn’t know.’


According to statistics, as many as one in six pregnancies end with a miscarriage, but this figure might be higher because they can happen before a woman knows she’s pregnant. Although it was obviously difficult for Gemma to talk about her experience, she’s done an important thing in helping to break the taboo around something that could happen to any woman.

As well as her upsetting 2012 experience, Gemma also had a pregnancy scare while in the Celebrity Big Brother house in January, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

We’re sending good thoughts to Gemma, and to anyone else who’s been through similar.