Gemma Cairney Talks To LOOK About Her Brand New TV Show

That’s it, we’re never going out on Tuesdays again. Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney has introduced us to her brand new show, which we can watch from the comfort of our laptops and our phones. How cool is that?!

The FOX Problem launches on Tuesday 12 March live at 7.30pm via a Google+ Hangout on and will see both Gemma and her pals Georgie Okell and Georgia LA discuss the issues of the week with their resident barman – Made In Chelsea‘s Ollie Locke – supplying the gin and tonics. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Gemma, Georgie (from T4) and Georgia (from SB.TV) will both present and produce the weekly show and the best part is that YOU can join in, tweeting or sharing your input with the girls and their live studio audience. 

There’ll be celebrity guests, music performances, DJ sets and debates hosted live from the cosy surroundings of The Birdcage pub in East London. We caught up with Gem, who’s bouncing off the walls with excitement at the project…

How did you come up with the idea for the show? 

It was Georgie and Georgia’s love child. They get together quite a lot and talk about what’s lacking in telly. They wanted a completely new and different idea. Then they asked me to get involved and I was mates with them anyway, so I when I heard about their idea of doing a female-fronted entertainment show I thought ‘That sounds like my cup of tea!’.

Why call it The Fox Problem? What does it mean?

It’s to do with many things. Foxes are pretty trendy at the moment , they’re emblazoned on every winter sweater and scarf and you get those fox hoods – that could in some ways be interpreted as a problem! At the same time, we like to think that everyone has an inner fox about them – we’re all pretty foxy!

What made you choose to host the show in a pub?

The Birdcage is one of our favourite pubs. We asked if we could use their new upstairs area as a TV studio and they actually said yes. We do really want there to be a real laid back non-stuffy, relaxed party atmosphere. When people come into the Birdcage they have memories of singing karaoke drunkenly. There’s the flower market on Colombia Road. I think of the party that Grimmy put on there after Radio 1’s Big Weekend. 

People don’t really know what to expect there and I think that’s really true to the show. We really want people to come down and enjoy the atmosphere, hang out and have a bit of a party!

Were you nervous about the first run-through?

We did a pilot last week, which was terrifying. It’s all the more scary when you care so much about it, especially since it was our idea. But I do live radio anyway so it’s just about having conversations with good guests. 

How did Made In Chelsea‘s Ollie Locke get involved?

Well, we had a Google hangout chat with Georgie while she was in New York, and she asked: “How do you feel about Ollie Locke working at the bar?” So he’s there, serving gin and tonics as our barman. Georgie knew him already – they’re good mates. He’ll be having his say, too – and he’s already helped us to camp up the bar!

The promo looks great and we love that you’re all rocking sequins! Will style play a big part in the show?

There isn’t a specific brief or any quota we have to tick but if you want to know whether we’ll all be wearing our best outfits, the answer’s yes! We’ll be inviting fashion bloggers that I absolutely adore to help style us, too.

Who’s your dream guest?

That’s a good one. Actually, we’re trying our hardest to get Lena Dunham on the show. She’s our true love. If we could get Lena by the end of the series… that means we’ve got six months to get her. And it doesn’t matter where she is in the world, we can still speak to her. As long as she’s got a laptop it’s a potentially doable mission. 

We love that she wrote Girls, she put herself in it, she directs it, she produces it and she’s only 26. I think people are really taking to that and we really wanted to try it out ourselves.

The show features a series of dares. What would be the worst one you could possibly be asked to do?

In the pilot we give the example of dressing up as a lion. So whoever lost that week would have to go to the premiere of Oz: The Great And Powerful dressed as a lion. And it is funny, but when I was actually thinking about it I felt a bit anxious. We want the world to know about The Fox Problem but once there’s a picture of you looking like a lion at a premiere, that’s never going to go.

And finally… why should we watch it?

There’s nothing about it that’s too cool. It’s not for one type of person, we want everyone to get involved. We’ll have a printer there so you can email directly into the studio. You can send us love letters, hate mail, pictures, we don’t care  – we want unexpected things. We want to mix things up with a segment called homemade jam where we have different musical collaborations and performances going on. It’s going to be like a secret party, but for everyone! 

Check it out on Tuesday 12 March. Follow the girls on Twitter… @TheFoxProblem, @georgieokell, @georgia_la and @gemcairn. RM