Fans Think They’ve Found Out What Happened Next For Gemma And Arg

The TOWIE Christmas special raised some questions amongst viewers...

It was the moment that most The Only Way Is Essex fans have been waiting for; James ‘Arg’ Argent and Gemma ‘The GC’ Collins finally worked out what the heck has been going on between them.

In the storyline that seems to have repeated itself more times than we can count, fans have been wondering whether the pair would ever finally get together and admit their feelings.

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As part of the ITVBe Christmas special, Arg – who happened to be dressed as Santa at the time – took to the stage in front of the whole cast to declare his love for Gem.

‘I’m looking round the room there’s one person who deserves a special shout out. And her name’s GC,’ he said.

James continued: ‘Gemma you’re so lovely to me, you’re always there for me whenever I need you and you make me laugh. You know what Gem, you think “Arg he cares too much what people think.”

‘I want to let you know no I don’t give a f*** what anyone thinks. I f****ng love your candy.’

As the crowd teared-up, he finished: ‘And if you were to spend Christmas with me then that would make me the happiest man in the God damn world.’

And with that, he planted a big ol’ kiss on The GC.

But viewers at home think they’ve found one big problem with the scene – and that’s that Gemma is said to have already started filming for a new series of Celebs Go Dating. 

You know the drill; the E4 show follows a bunch of single celebrities on their quest to find love.

🎄 the ending of Towie ha ha mince pies …. yes hot 🍫 chocolate… yes

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So, what does this mean for Gem and Arg?!

‘Spoiler alert : Gemma is on Celebs go dating so I take it her and arg didn’t work out. this whole storyline has dragged on too long #TOWIE,’ one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another added: ‘Everyone rejoicing at Gemma and Arg need to remember she’s on Celebs Go Dating soon #itsnotreal #towie #TowieChristmas’.

Say it ain’t so.