The Language On GBBO Last Night Was Too Much For Some Viewers

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood really amped up their innuendos on last night's Great British Bake Off...

Oh Mary Berry, you minx!

If you were watching The Great British Bake-Off last night, you may have noticed a few things.

Firstly, that Candice’s lipstick was still totally on-point. Second, Selasi was pulling out some serious dance moves. And thirdly, Mary was coming out with some pretty filth lines.

You see, in the midst of chatting with Candice Brown about her fondant fancies method in the final round, the showstopper challenge, Mary managed to shock BBC viewers with one comment in particular.

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When Candice revealed she would be making bakewell tart-inspired fondant fancies, Mary questioned the lippy-lover’s method by asking: ‘So this will go into that hole and the juice will drizzle down into the sponge?’

We mean, COME ON Mary.

And as expected, viewers on Twitter had a little bit of a meltdown.


But it didn’t stop there. Paul Hollywood then joined in on the innuendo fun with an eyebrow-raising comment of his own.

During the technical challenge when the bakers were tasked with making a savarin, Paul decided to give some feedback to Candice.

‘It’s quite closed structured, and therefore to penetrate that far down the liquor’s going to find it difficult as it’s so tight at the top, but what does it taste like?’ he said.

And viewers were quick to catch wind of his smutty critique.

And when he went on to describe a cake as ‘too tight’, it all simply became too much for people watching at home.

Maybe turn down the sauce factor a little bit for the final, eh guys? Some of us are trying to compose ourselves.