GBBO Winner Candice Brown Defends Her Famous ‘Pout’

The Great British Bake Off winner claims her pouty appearance on the show was due to 'nervous concentration' as she discusses the online bullies she faced...

Great British Bake Off star Candice Brown has been enjoying life as a winner ever since she was crowned Bake Off queen last week.

And boy, does she deserve it.

Candice won our hearts over the weeks not only for her epic bakes, but also for her hot lippy and fierce shoe collection. That lipstick line is definitely coming soon…

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But despite being totally fierce in that Bake Off tent, Candice still found herself the subject of some cruel comments on social media. A lot of which slammed her for her constant ‘pout’.

Now, the 31-year-old has hit back, and in a new interview, has said that it’s not a pout, but rather her ‘nervous concentration face’. Aw.

Candice also said that she found Twitter comments made by viewers about her weight ‘really hurtful’, adding that she is ‘only human’.

Candice hasn't had the easiest time on Twitter

Candice hasn’t had the easiest time on Twitter

Poor lady. You’re a total babe, Candice. We’ve got your back.

The PE teacher won the prestigious Bake Off trophy after fighting off stiff competition from fellow finalists Andrew Smyth and Jane Beedle.

And with GBBO being filmed months ago, Candice admits it was seriously tough keeping her win a secret from her pals.


Speaking to The Sunday Times about having to return to work, Candice said: ‘I still had icing sugar and chocolate in my hair and under my nails. People were like, “Did you have a good weekend, did you get up to much?” And I was like, “Yeah, it was all right. Quite quiet.”’

LOL. Well, at least she can shout about it now. Well done, lady!