Did GBBO’s Candice Brown Throw Shade At Fellow Finalist Jane Beedle?

Twitter viewers certainly thought so...

Candice Brown might have been crowned the winner of 2016’s Great British Bake Off last night, but she was also accused of some rather unsportsmanlike behaviour.

It all went down when fellow finalist Jane Beedle was awarded a double handshake from judge Paul Hollywood for her amazing Signature bake, which left Paul seriously impressed.

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Jane was awarded a double handshake from Paul for her signature bake...

Jane was awarded a double handshake from Paul for her signature bake…

‘Thank you. Three layers of heaven’, Paul said about Jane’s mouthwatering bake. ‘It’s beautiful’.

When the camera then panned to Candice and Andrew, both looked happy as they clapped along with the judges to support Jane’s triumph.

Twitter viewers picked up on how Candice reacted to Jane's praise...

Twitter viewers picked up on how Candice reacted to Jane’s praise…

However, many GBBO viewers then decided that Candice wasn’t happy for Jane at all, bur rather was ‘raging’ about Jane’s double handshake, after receiving a single handshake from Paul for her bake just moments earlier.

‘Paul was just giving out handshakes willy nilly tonight,’ Candice told the camera after Jane’s bake. And Twitter came down on her hard.

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‘Candice a bit grudging about Jane’s handshake. #gbbo’, one tweeted.

‘Candice is fuming that Jane got a handshake too #GBBO #GBBOFinal’, said another.

‘Ooh bitchy Candice didn’t like Jane getting the handshake. Poor show. #TeamAndrew or #TeamJane #GBBO #GBBOFinal’, a third posted.

However, we thought the whole thing was all a bit mean to Candice, because from where we were watching, the lippy-loving beauty was nothing but supportive of her pal Jane.

And after her win, Ms Brown sent out a super cute tweet to her fans, as well as to her fellow bakers, who she admitted were now firm friends. Awww.

‘I am grateful thankful and honoured! What a crazy few months! You will never know what’s this means to me! 12bakers now friends #GBBO ❤️’, Candice tweeted.

And there were no hard feelings from Jane, either, who also posted a lovely message to Candice last night.

‘Huge congrats to the gorgeous @CJ_Brownie , love you to bits CJ. You smashed it! Enjoy every minute, you deserve all the love #GBBOFinal’, she wrote.

We’re so sad it’s all over : (