GBBO Saw A Heartbreaking Break-Up Happen On Last Night’s Show

As Benjamina lost her placed in the Great British Bake Off competition, viewers tweeted their sadness at losing such a talented baker...

The Great British Bake Off is really heating up now that we’ve reached the semi-finals. But with fierce competition also comes plenty of mourning, as we see more of our favourite bakers getting the boot.

And last night’s result did not go down well. In fact, people are still morning the loss of the eliminated Benjamina this morning.

And not just because they’ll miss her baking…

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Benjamina failed to impress during Tudor Week…

This week was Tudor Week on GBBO, and it’s fair to say it wasn’t Benjamina’s favourite round – largely due to her strong aversion to marzipan.

‘I just hate marzipan’, she said upon being booted off the show by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.


Benjamina knew she’d done wrong when her biscuits were underbaked…

‘I think the taste is horrible, and so I didn’t enjoy that bake at all. It was my least favourite bake of the whole show. I will never ever be making a marzipan cake again.’

Her biscuits in the technical round were under-baked, as were her great big Tudor pies, but it was the showstopper that also left the judges left than impressed.

Still, many viewers simply couldn’t believe that the baker that had been hotly tipped to WIN was getting the boot.

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‘Benjamina mate you should have won the whole damn thing, I’ve not been this upset since Val #GBBO’, one incensed viewer tweeted.

‘NO NOT BENJAMINA ? #GBBO’, cried another. Whilst a third posted: ‘Nooooooooo way!!!!!!! @bakedbybenji I thought Benjamina would win it!!!!!! #GBBO’.

However, there was another layer of sadness draped over Benjamina’s departure that got people really upset. Because it meant the end of the Benjamina/Selasi romance.

And we’re not sure Selasi will either, as he told cameras at the close of the show: ‘It’s a shame to see her go. She was a proper sister to me.’


‘She’s probably the only one who thinks I’m really funny’, he continued. ‘Everyone else thinks I’m not funny at all. So yeah – it’s good to have a friend like that.’

Oh, our hearts.

However, there were no hard feelings from Benji herself, who later tweeted graciously: ‘No more tears! So so proud to have finished as a quarter finalist! ?? V excited for what’s to come! #GBBO #blessed Thank you all!! ?❤️.’

We will miss you and your fabulous cakes, B.