Why Is Love Island’s Olivia Buckland *Feuding* With Gaz Beadle?

Yep, things are *pretty* tense in reality-TV-world right now...

As celeb feuds go, there is nothing quite as fiery as an inter-reality TV show war. So, with that being said, we give you Geordie Shore vs. Love Island. Otherwise being referred to as WW3.

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So, Gaz has shared some pretty strong opinions about the Love Island couples- deciding the show is ‘just a carbon copy of Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach’ before adding: ‘I think it’s funny [that the couples] actually pretend they’re still together’.

Ouch, ouch and more ouch.

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And, of course, the Love Island gang were *not* about to take that level of reality-TV-slating with a pinch of salt- as Olivia Buckland has taken to the Twitter battlefield in order to call Gaz out for his comments.

The Love Island lovely hit back with a sassy tweet, which read: ‘Really @GazGShore very shallow & small minded to generalise relationships in the reality TV industry like that. Watch & learn doll’.

Yep, you know someone means business when they use the word ‘doll’… Things are about to get chaotic.

Liv, who is in a relationship with fellow Islander Alex Bowen, has also retweeted several messages of support for her Tweet:


Although Gaz is yet to directly respond to Liv’s tweet, he did share that he’d managed to find a lil’ inspiration for his Daily Star column this week…

gaz tweet

Now, we could be totally off the mark with this one- but isn’t Gaz’s timing just a teeny tiny bit coincidental?! Hmm, we wonder…

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It doesn’t look like Gaz’s comments will faze Liv and Al, however, as Alex has officially moved to Olivia’s neck of the woods- having ditched the long distance relationship in favour of an Essex love nest.

Yep, looks pretty serious to us!

Terrible twosome ??❤️ @ab_bowen

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An official spokesperson for the couple has confirmed that the pair are now living together, sharing to CelebsNow that ‘Alex is moving into Olivia’s Chelmsford flat which they’re both really happy about, Alex has been going home to Olivia after nearly every PA he has done so they can spend as much time together as possible. They’re stronger than ever so it’s a really exciting time for them’.

Will Gaz retaliate? Will there be a full on Love Island/Geordie Shore brawl? And, most importantly, can we watch?!

So. Many. Questions.

Alice Perry