Er, Did Gaz Beadle Get Deported From New Zealand?

Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle was apparently turned away at the New Zealand border for not meeting visa requirements

He’s never short of drama, is he, that Gaz Beadle! In a rare moment of non romance-related upheaval, he was reportedly stopped at the border of New Zealand and refused entry to the country. Yikes.

If you’ve been following him on social media lately, you’ll know he’s been on some kind of #ladz tour of Australia. He was due to make an appearance at a party in New Zealand tonight organised by youth media network The Edge, but they’ve tweeted confirming that he isn’t going to be there.

Immigration New Zealand has reportedly told the Daily Star that they had indeed sent Gaz packing when he turned up at the airport. “There are certain conditions that all temporary visitors to New Zealand must meet in order to be eligible for entry,” they said. “The onus is on the visitor to satisfy INZ that they meet all of the entry requirements at the time they travel to New Zealand.

“Mr Beadle did not meet these requirements. He was put on a flight back to Australia after being released on conditions which allowed him to spend the night at his pre-arranged accommodation.”

Oh dear. It’s pretty unlike Gaz to stay quiet on social media, but this is one drama he hasn’t talked about. The only hint of his trip to New Zealand is an Instagram post of the mountains from the air, and we’re guessing he took that before being asked to leave the country.

✈️? #newzealand

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New Zealanders needn’t worry, though. The party will go on without Gaz, because his fellow Geordie Shore cast member Marty McKenna made it into the country without a hitch.

One Night Stand is the name of the event, btw. That’s not just Marty declaring his intentions for later. We have no doubt he’ll make sure the party goes on without Gaz…