Um. Has Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle Been ARRESTED?

Gaz Beadle was denied entry to New Zealand, and his latest tweet suggests he might have been detained for the last 36 hours

We really don’t envy Gaz Beadle right now.

A few days ago, the Geordie Shore star was stopped at the border while trying to enter New Zealand and ordered to fly back to Australia, where he’s been holidaying. Immigration New Zealand told the Daily Star he hadn’t met the required visa conditions.

But in another twist in the tale, it seems he might have been arrested and detained (and took part in a bit of table tennis with his cellmates). Well, you’ve got to pass the time somehow in the nick. eh?


‘Last 36 hours you just wouldn’t believe!!!! #iamfree #cellmates #blockCtabletennischampion’, he tweeted earlier today. This is all Gaz has said so far, so we don’t know for certain if it’s a joke, or if he really has been locked up for two days. Knowing Gaz, it won’t take long before he comes out with the whole story.

He’s been in Australia for the past two weeks, and has previously spoken about wanting to move there, even saying he planned to house-hunt while there.

“I’d like to start working interviewing people and going round to festivals and stuff. I wouldn’t like to do proper studio stuff like a morning breakfast show – but I’d like more fun stuff,” he told MTV Australia. Might wanna put something more specific on your CV, Gaz.
gaz tweet
Earlier this week, Gaz hinted that he had some serious gossip to spill in his Daily Star column, so we hope he might also include details of where he’s been for the last 36 hours. Surely he hasn’t spent all that time playing table tennis?