Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries Gets A *Huge* Reaction

The 25-year-old gave us a glimpse into her first few months of motherhood last night...

The first episode of Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries aired last night. And wasn’t it just lovely?!

We got to see the ex-TOWIE lady navigating her first few months of parenthood, after welcoming adorable son Paul last December.

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Fans were delighted to have Sam back on our screens, with one Tweeting: ‘Loving @SamanthaFaiers the mummy diaries amazing insight into parenthood what an amazing mama ❤️? #TheMummyDiaries.’

Others wrote: ‘Watching @SamanthaFaiers mummy diaries and I completely love her parenting style, chilled and real – so down to earth ??,’ and: ‘Awww loving the show so far!!??? @SamanthaFaiers.’

Sam, 25, later thanked fans for their support, saying: ‘I have been soo nervous about tonight … Thank you so much everyone for your kind messages.’

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Of course, there were always going to be some negative comments in the Twitter-sphere.

After Sam’s partner Paul Knightley was criticised during their one-off special Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries earlier this year, his mum Gaynor ended up becoming the focus this time round. *Sigh*.

Paul Knightley and his mum

Paul Knightley and his mum Gaynor were criticised for their kiss on Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries

Gaynor was accused of a being a little over-bearing, with comments including: ‘Watching Mummy Diaries … Paul’s mum is a bit much haha ?,’ and: ‘Gaynor needs to take a chill pill, I bet Sam’s mum doesn’t get a look in with baby Paul! [sic]’

This is after she’d said she was ‘crazy’ about baby Paul and that she’d move to be closer to the family if they decided to leave Essex.

Sam Faiers and Gaynor on The Mummy Diaries

Gaynor’s come under fire once again

Seems like pretty normal behaviour for a proud new grandmother to us…

Happily, plenty of viewers agreed. One of the kinder messages read: ‘Everybody is so mean about Gaynor She’s just a doting nanny who loves her first born grandson! Chill out #themummydiaries.’

We’re totally with you on that one. Can’t wait for the next episode, Sam!