We’ve Got An Update On That Secret Gay X Factor Couple

Ooh. Sounds like things are going well for this unnamed pair...

It’s being reported that the two X Factor finalists rumoured to be in a secret gay relationship are very much still seeing each other. Ooh!

The news that two contestants had been secretly enjoying a romance behind-the-scenes broke before the final, with a source claiming that at least one person from the couple would be singing in the final.

And now, it sounds like the duo are still going strong.

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‘When the pair locked eyes on each other they completely fell head over heels,’ an insider told The Mirror.

It’s believed that the couple met during the Judges Houses stage of the competition, but are worried about announcing their romance for fears that it could damaging their singing careers.

‘They finally got it together at judges houses and it has been an open secret ever since’, the source added. ‘They are together but don’t want it to come out until they are ready.’

‘They don’t want it to wreck their image as they still have commitments, despite the show finishing,’ the insider continued. ‘But it’s the real deal for the pair and is getting serious.’

X Factor winner Matt Terry found himself embroiled in romance rumours when his close pal Freddy Parker was spotted giving him a kiss on stage after he won.

Freddy Parker and Matt Terry

Freddy Parker and Matt Terry struck up a close friendship while both being mentored by Nicole Scherzinger

But Matt has since denied that there’s anything going on, and has stated that he’s heterosexual’ and simply views Freddy as a ‘little brother’.

‘As far as I’m concerned, I am a heterosexual man – but I will totally keep fans up to date with my personal life and who I am dating’, he told The Daily Star. ‘They will be the first to know.’

The mystery continues…